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New Games - Spring 2017

Posted on June 09, 2017

Crazy Tower, Pop the Lock, Aliens Armageddon & Luigi's Mansion!


Put your tower-building skills to the test with this holographic redemption game! The graphics are highly impressive, but   so is the payout…WIN UP TO 1000 TICKETS!


Not just your average skill-based redemption game! Complete with progressive play, missing the mark doesn't mean all is lost; simply swipe again to pick up where you left off. The quicker your response rate, the quicker you rack up the tickets! 


Aliens Armageddon won't disappoint all you FPS lovers - with its massive 55" HD LCD display, enhanced gun system and cutting edge graphics, you'll be engaged in non-stop shooting action for all four levels of this thrilling mission!


This unit is sure to have everyone impressed. You and your partner will be immersed in Luigi's world of haunted mansions - equipped with Strobulbs and Poltergust 5000's, you'll have to get rid of the ghosts, but not without some other challenges along the way! Complete with puzzles and monster-sized bosses to overcome, this isn't just a game - truly, it's an experience!



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