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New Games - Winter 2017

Posted on December 07, 2017

 Pump It Up Prime 2

Players all around the globe are excited about this new release, but we know a few in our very own backyard that have been waiting for this one! The  brand  new cabinet is loaded with LED detail and features 55" of pure bliss. Blast over 300 different tracks through this 1200-watt sound system -  Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno, K-Pop and more with over 3000 step charts to choose from...


Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to CFP of course! 
The hugely popular mobile game, re-invented for arcade play! Designed with competition in mind, you can take on your friends to see who can go the distance. Your 4.7" phone  screen  ain't got nothin' on  this 65" monster - it's like no road you've crossed before!


Cruis'n Blast

Cruis'n Blast just sped into the new millennium! Show off your new tricks in your custom ride on the new tracks in exotic locales!


 Despicable Me Minion Wacker

Test your reflexes on this redemption game! Get your Gru on and whack the popping, pesky, purple minions back into their pits to get your payout - poopaye evil minions! 


Chameleon Paradize

Hungry, hungry Chameleon! Simply press the button on its back to launch its slurping tongue at the yummy, rotating bugs - more bugs, more tickets, that simple!  


Big Teeth   Monkey

Open wide, monkeys! Those huge glowing teeth look hard to miss, but are they? Use your ball launcher to knock down as many as you can for the big-ticket win! 


Fire Rescue Ride

Hop on for the ride and help put out the fire! This exciting spin on the classic kiddie ride incorporates real water action and all the bells & whistles to light up those little faces! 


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Select-A-Pitch Batting Cages

Posted on October 16, 2017

You asked, so we listened...

The majority of our batting cages  have been retrofitted with Select A Pitch batting systems! Personalize your batting experience and knock waiting in line for  your favourite cage out of the Park (literally). Adjust both your speed & height  settings so you can hit a home run, every time!

...No pressure




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New Games - Summer 2017

Posted on August 10, 2017

New Skee Ball Machines! 

We're going to miss our vintage machines, but there comes a time when retirement is necessary to make room for new & improved technology... That time is now and these new skee ball machines ARE. AWESOME.


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New Games - Spring 2017

Posted on June 09, 2017

Crazy Tower, Pop the Lock, Aliens Armageddon & Luigi's Mansion!


Put your tower-building skills to the test with this holographic redemption game! The graphics are highly impressive, but   so is the payout…WIN UP TO 1000 TICKETS!


Not just your average skill-based redemption game! Complete with progressive play, missing the mark doesn't mean all is lost; simply swipe again to pick up where you left off. The quicker your response rate, the quicker you rack up the tickets! 


Aliens Armageddon won't disappoint all you FPS lovers - with its massive 55" HD LCD display, enhanced gun system and cutting edge graphics, you'll be engaged in non-stop shooting action for all four levels of this thrilling mission!


This unit is sure to have everyone impressed. You and your partner will be immersed in Luigi's world of haunted mansions - equipped with Strobulbs and Poltergust 5000's, you'll have to get rid of the ghosts, but not without some other challenges along the way! Complete with puzzles and monster-sized bosses to overcome, this isn't just a game - truly, it's an experience!



Have a game you'd like to see added to our collection? Share it with us! 

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Posted on January 10, 2017

We are still finding hidden kernels of popcorn and flinch every time a balloon pops (the staff are recovering nicely) but based on the feedback we have received so far, our inaugural early bird balloon drop was an enormous success- if you missed it, check out the video on Facebook!

"Thanks Castle Fun Park for an amazing night!! Our kids all had a blast and so did we!! So glad we came out!!"

"Well done was crazy but so well kids had a blast as did my wife and I. Thanks so much for making this an epic new year's eve for so many families...see you in the new year!"

"This was tons of fun! We did the 9 pm and we will probably do it again next year! Cookies, hot chocolate, movies, face painting and so much more! Holy moly did we have a great time!"

The snowpocalypse did play a factor in the number of participants that were on site throughout the night- even our face painter had issues getting to the Park, but it was worth it. If you missed it, there is always next year! 

The evening's complimentary festivities included face painting, movies, popcorn, hot chocolate, cookies, party favors, noise makers (what were we thinking?!), door prizes and of course the 9 PM & midnight balloon drops! 



Thank you for braving the weather and allowing us to entertain you! 

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Staff Whobilation 2016

Posted on January 05, 2017

The theme of the party, if you haven’t guessed
The Grinch’s WHObilation & they arrived looking their WHO-best
So full of cheer, they were all in a WHO-ville mood
As they sat and prepared for a night of being woo’d

We started with a feast on roast beast, of course
Then a chance to win WHO cash straight from the source
It was all fun and games with some bidding too
As they grabbed their paddles & showed their fierce inner WHO
A little bit later we moved to awards
For those who’s performance really had us floored
Eventually we got to their gifts at the end
But first they had a WHO-manship to attend

Holiday Cheermeister WHO-manship was the title
The games that followed left no time to idle
A series of five 30-second WHOvities
Determined which WHO wore the crown of the festivities

Holiday Cheermeister WHO-manship
 WHO-Hash Hustle
Max’s WHObilation
Dump It To Crumpit Closet Challenge
WHO-liday Gift Rush

Lots of prizes were won and gifts were a plenty
As our WHO’s left the party to play in good company
We conclude this WHObilation of Christmas cheer
Wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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Early Bird Balloon Drop

Posted on December 05, 2016

You're invited to our annual family- friendly New Year's Eve event at CFP.

This year we’re catering towards our youngest guests by offering an early bird balloon drop! That's right, we’ll be having all the same fun twice in one night!
While you await the balloon drop you are invited to watch a movie on our 120" screen; complete with popcorn, hot chocolate and cookies! There will be some nifty door prizes in addition to all the other reasons you come to CFP. Enjoy any of our 3 uniquely themed 18 hole mini- golf courses, go karts, batting cages, laser maze, bumper cars & over 200 arcade games! Our newest games include Time Crisis 5, Star Wars Battle Pods, Angry Birds, Fish Bowl Frenzy, and The Hobbit pinball.
Before the clock strikes midnight (or our simulated midnight at 9pm) capture a memory with a snap shot of you and your friends and family in one of our photo booths.
Event Features Include:
Face Painting 8-10pm
Movie Showing & Popcorn @ 7pm & 9:30pm
Hot Cocoa & Cookies 10pm- midnight
Door Prizes & Party Favors
9pm & Midnight Balloon Drops!
(Above features are complimentary and available while quantities last.)

Admission & parking are always FREE- only pay for what you want to play!
Our revised holiday hours are as follows:
Christmas Eve 10am- 4pm
Christmas Day CLOSED
New Year's Eve 10am- 1am 

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive updates on upcoming events

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Posted on September 14, 2016
To all the new faces and familiar ones, the corporate events, summer camps, youth groups, overnighters and birthday parties – thank you.

It’s been a remarkable summer and it wouldn’t have been the same without all of you! Whether you stopped by while passing through, made the commute from afar, or we share the same backyard, know that we appreciate every visit and welcome your return.

And to those who made it possible, our staff, a huge shout out to this summer’s team! Our guests look to you to provide a positive, caring, but most of all FUN experience. Despite record numbers you overwhelmingly delivered the expectation- for that and a multitude of reasons (the spills, the screaming, the washrooms :)), thank you!


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New Games - Summer 2016

Posted on August 31, 2016

Extreme Hoops! 

"The next generation of hoop games" - these units are linkable for multiplayer, so we had to get two! This fast paced redemption game will test your skills with both static and moving basket options - swish swish for those tickets!



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Web Store Now Online!

Posted on July 18, 2016

Check It! Reload It! Buy It! Book It!

Check your balance and reload your Playcard from the convenience of your smartphone or PC before you arrive at the Park. Why waste your time standing in line when you can easily top up your card without losing your place in the Go Kart queue!
Gift cards can be purchased (and gifted) for friends and family without having to leave your house; simply place your order, make your payment and email them the voucher.
Booking a birthday party has never been so easy - check availability, choose your party package, select your food options, and pay a deposit without even making a phone call!
Check It! Reload It! Buy It! Book It!

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